The essential, comprehensive reference for Grades 4 to 7 Mathematics in South Africa.
Launched in 2019.
From Sally Goldman and Penny O’Toole, passionate teachers,
each with more than 30 years experience in teaching Mathematics

The Maths Fundi Study Guides include:

  • full CAPS and IEB curricula, and more
  • the how and why of every part of the Maths curriculum
  • examples with detailed solutions
  • a logical progression of concepts with cross-referencing
  • a clear, user-friendly format
  • extension and problem-solving sections for extra challenges

Aiming to develop:

  • a deeper understanding of concepts
  • stronger connections to prior learning
  • critical thinking
  • competence, confidence, appreciation and a love for Mathematics
  • strong fundamentals, in preparation for high school and for basic Mathematical life skills.


  • covers full CAPS requirements and beyond
  • from basic foundation principles, through to extension concepts for top students preparing for Maths olympiads and competitions
  • for those who would like to feel more secure (who are expected to teach Maths but are not Maths specialists)


  • to refresh fundamental building blocks of previous years, to revise and consolidate
  • to fill the gaps resulting from missed lessons or not grasping a concept
  • extension for top students who enjoy a challenge
  • to build confidence for the years ahead


  • to help your child before it’s too late
  • to help you understand the way Maths is taught
  • to clarify forgotten concepts or those which need brushing up at home
  • to aid revision and consolidation
  • affordability: a book costs less than one extra lesson

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